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Pilgrimage and Ambiguity Sharing the Sacred

Edited by Angela HOBART and Thierry ZARCONE

In association with

The Centro Incontri Umani,  Ascona



Colour Paperback,

ISBN 978-1-907774-77-5,

£25.00 (GBP), $40.00 (USD)

e-BookISBN 978-1-907774-99-7




Sean Kingston Publishing
 – 2 Hermitage Cottages – Canon Pyon


 HR4 8NN, UK




Introduction: Why do pilgrims share a sanctuary? Some hypotheses by A. HOBART and T. ZARCONE


Ambiguous sacred places in the Mediterranean


Towards a reappraisal of ambiguity. In the footsteps of Frederick W. Hasluck by D. ALBERA


From the god Amon to Sufi mawlids by P.-J. LUIZARD


‘Ambiguity in context’ according to Islamic thought. Bridging theory and actuality relating to saints in Islam by Y. TONAGA


Pilgrimages and sacred places in the Indo-Persian world and China


Chinese, Tibetan and Mongol Buddhists on Wutaishan (China) from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century by I. CHARLEUX


Betwixt and Between Figures of ambiguity in the Sufi cult of Lāl Shāhbāz Qalandar (Pakistan) by J. W. FREMBGEN


Syncretism and the superimposition of Islam on Buddhism in the Pamir Mountain cults and saint veneration by T. ZARCONE


Ambiguous sites cross-culturally


Monte Verita, the ‘Mountain of Truth’ in Ascona A pilgrimage site of paradoxes and contradiction by A. HOBART


The Seven Sleepers pilgrimage in Brittany. The ambiguity of a Christian-Muslim ‘heterotopia’ by M. PENICAUD


Multi-centric mythscapes. Sanctuaries and pilgrimages in north-west Amazonian Arawakan religious traditions by R. M. WRIGHT, O. Gonzalez NANEZ and C. C. XAVIER LEAL



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