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Edited by Angela HOBART and Thierry ZARCONE


In association with The Centro Incontri Umani, Ascona







Introduction: Why do pilgrims share a sanctuary? Some hypotheses by A. HOBART and T. ZARCONE

Ambiguous sacred places in the Mediterranean

  • Towards a reappraisal of ambiguity. In the footsteps of Frederick W. Hasluck by D. ALBERA
  • From the god Amon to Sufi mawlids by P.-J. LUIZARD
  • ‘Ambiguity in context’ according to Islamic thought. Bridging theory and actuality relating to saints in Islam by Y. TONAGA
  • Pilgrimages and sacred places in the Indo-Persian world and China
  • Chinese, Tibetan and Mongol Buddhists on Wutaishan (China) from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century by I. CHARLEUX
  • Betwixt and Between Figures of ambiguity in the Sufi cult of Lāl Shāhbāz Qalandar (Pakistan) by J. W. FREMBGEN
  • Syncretism and the superimposition of Islam on Buddhism in the Pamir Mountain cults and saint veneration by T. ZARCONE


Ambiguous sites cross-culturally

  • Monte Verita, the ‘Mountain of Truth’ in Ascona A pilgrimage site of paradoxes and contradiction by A. HOBART
  • The Seven Sleepers pilgrimage in Brittany. The ambiguity of a Christian-Muslim ‘heterotopia’ by M. PENICAUD
  • 9 Multi-centric mythscapes. Sanctuaries and pilgrimages in north-west Amazonian Arawakan religious traditions by R. M. WRIGHT, O. Gonzalez NANEZ and C. C. XAVIER LEAL


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