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Daniele Ferrari est docteur de recherche en Etudes constitutionnelles italiennes, européennes et transnationales auprès de l’Université de Gênes, Département de Jurisprudence et post doctorant rattaché au GSRL, CNRS, Paris.

Il a rédigé sa thèse sous la direction de Pasquale Costanzo, sur la protection de la liberté de conscience dans une perspective historique et juridique.

Il est auteur d’essais et de monographies portant, également dans une perspective comparée et européennes, sur des thèmes liées à la liberté de conscience et d’orientation sexuelle.


My research focuses on the protection of fundamental rights, paying particular attention to the religious dimension and sexual orientation. On the issue of religious freedom, I developed during the PhD a research thesis on the protection of freedom of conscience and I have completed a period of study in Paris as part of the doctoral program GRATIANUS – Droit canonique & Dt relations religions – Etats (Université de Paris-Sud XI-Université Catholique de Paris). In Paris, I had the opportunity to work with Prof. Francesco Margiotta Broglio and Brigitte Basdevant and I deepened the relationship between secularism and Islam. Studies on religious freedom have allowed me to write several articles and contribute to a volume within a European project. I have also developed collaborative networks with some religious subjects, including the Waldensian Church of Genoa, where a conference on religious minorities was organized and published the volume with the acts. After my PhD, I was selected as a post-doc researcher at the Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités (GSRL), CNRS-EPHE in Paris, where I collaborate with Prof. Philippe Portier on several research lines and I’m working on a project on the relationship between law, religion and race. In Paris, I also collaborate with Prof. Silvia Contarini from the University of Paris Nanterre, where I hold seminars on the topic of international protection. The topic of religious minorities is also the subject of a research grant that I obtained in 2017 at the University of Siena, Department of Law, where I work with Prof. Marco Ventura. Research on LGBT rights has been the subject of several publications (monographs, articles, curators). I have also set up and coordinated a research group formed by young scholars and senior researchers, who has made conferences and publications. Recently, I directed a working group to draft a commented code on LGBT rights. In the exercise of the legal profession I have specialized in the protection of LGBT people and I: have conducted training courses as a lecturer; have collaborated with public institutions; have volunteered for associations; have built collaborative networks between the University of Genoa and the professional orders. Over the past two years I have dealt with my research lines in international protection through: publications; organization of conferences; teaching and training activities; legal aid activities for asylum seekers; collaboration with public institutions and host associations.

1. Publications (There are not publications with supervisor Phd) :

  • FERRARI D (ed.) (2017), La legge sulle unioni civili: osservazioni a prima lettura, Atti del convegno di Genova, 20 giugno 2016, in Politica del diritto, 1, pp. 3-126.

  • FERRARI D (2016), L’objection de conscience au mariage homosexuel entre sécularisation et règles religieuses, in Estudos de Religião, V. 30, 1, pp. 29-44.

  • FERRARI D (ed.) (2016), Le minoranze religiose tra passato e futuro. Atti del convegno (Genova, 17 novembre 2015), Claudiana, Torino, pp. 1-217.

  • FERRARI D (2015), Proof of homosexuality which assumption of foreigner protection: trends and prospects, in A. Lorenzetti – M. Moscati (eds.), LGBTI Persons and Access to Justice, Wildy, Simmonds & Hill publishing, London, 80-99.

  • FERRARI D – PASTORELLI S (2013), Burqa in Europe: European Institutions and the interest of the comparative/interdisciplinary approach, in The burqa affair across Europe: between public and private, A. FERRARI – S. PASTORELLI (eds.), Surrey-Burlington, Ashgate – Religare series, 2013, pp. 225-248.

2. Research monographs and any translations thereof

  • FERRARI D (2016), Status giuridico e orientamento sessuale. La condizione giuridica dell’omosessualità dalla sanzione, alla liberazione, alla dignità, II Edizione, Primiceri Editore, Padova, pp. 1-161.

  • FERRARI D (2015), La libertà di coscienza nella pluralità degli ordinamenti giuridici, E-reprint. Nuovi studi di diritto ecclesiastico e canonico, Libellula Edizioni, Tricase, pp. 1-278.

3. Invited presentations to internationally established conferences and/or international advanced schools:

  • “La liberté d’orientation sexuelle en face des phénomènes migratoires : la protection des réfugiés homosexuels entre nouvelles tutelles et anciens préjugés. Le cas italien”, Seminar held at the University of Paris Nanterre for students enrolled in the master’s and doctor’s degree in law, 30 novembre 2016, Nanterre.

  • “La tutelle de la liberté de conscience et de religion entre autonomie et appartenance : les stratégies argumentatives de la cour de Strasbourg”, International conference: Oscillations. Croire et pratiquer entre sphère intime et sphère publique, organizzato dal Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités, CNRS-EPHE, 13 e 14 dicembre 2016, Paris.

  • Proof of homosexuality which assumption of foreigner protection : trends and prospects”, International conference, “Litigious love: lgbti persons and access to justice”, University of Bergamo, 22-23 may 2015, Bergamo.

  • Orientamento sessuale e status di genitore tra prospettiva nazionale e prospettiva europea”, International conference: “Rights on the move – Rainbow families in Europe. Conferenza finale”, University of Trento, 16-17 october 2014, Trento.

  • Organizer and coordinator, working group “Simboli religiosi e spazio urbano”, Association of Canadian Studies: “Canada: the Urban Multiverse Conference/ il multiverso urbano/ le multivers urbain”, 29-30-31 may 2013, Procida, Italy.

4. Prizes/Awards/Academy memberships

  • Since 2017- Researcher in ecclesiastical and canon law, Department of Law, University of Siena.

  • Since2017- Member of the Department of Jurisprudence Council, University of Siena.

  • Since 2017- Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Gender Studies, Department of Law, University of Genoa

  • 2016-2017- Post-doc researcher, Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités (GSRL), CNRS-EPHE, Paris

  • 2015-2017- Teaching Assistant, Public Law, Department of Political Science, University of Genoa

  • 2013-Scholarship funded by the Trento and Rovereto Savings Bank Foundation, Genoa University, Department of Law, 2013, Project Manager Prof. Giancarlo Rolla.



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