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Le 15 novembre dans le cadre de l’axe

Perspectives anthropologiques sur le religieux

Deux intervenants qui présenteront des travaux en cours:

Deema KANEFF (Professeur à l’Université de Birmingham):

The business of religion: moral authority and local conflicts in rural Ukraine


This paper looks at the return of institutionalized religion to a postsocialist village in Odessa province, rural Ukraine, and the related struggles for moral authority between the Priest and villagers.

While the Priest was welcomed back into the community (the church has been closed for 30 years during the Soviet period), various tensions have emerged between him – as a representative of institutionalized religion – and the villagers – who remain committed to practising their traditional rituals that make use of religious symbols.

The paper’s focus is thus on the struggles that emerge over who ‘owns’, controls and defines ritual practices as the Priest attempts – with only limited success – to reassert his authority in the community.


Lucian CIRLAN (Doctorant à l’EPHE, GSRL):

Religion, Constitution and marriage in contemporary Romania


Three million signatures have been collected by an interfaith Coalition for Family in order to change the Constitution and to clarify the definition of marriage, understood as the union between one man and one woman.

In this presentation I will analyse the interaction between gender, religion and politics in contemporary Romania, focusing on the mobilisation process of conservative groups supporting « traditional values.

Lieu et horaire
  • 15 novembre 2016
  • 14h00 à 16h30
  • GSRL, salle 108 au 1er étage